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is there a country/flag i missed that you want iconed? you can leave the #hashtag in the comments and i'll make it! also, if you have any world cup photos you want made into icons, feel free to leave them in the comments as well!

ETA: these are all somehow 100x101, so i'll be reuploading them. you can crop them if you'd like in lj's icon thing, but they should be right soon.

ETA2: fixed! (i hope)
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hot 100: 2010 edition

every year around this time, hot 100 lists come out. mainly maxim and afterellen. i always rage about these lists because i never agree. after raising my blood pressure (yeah, it gets that intense), it was suggested that i do my own list. since i believe i have pretty awesome taste, i said yes. i soon asked sonorific to help me because this was a big task. we came up with a list of our hot 100 (and megan fox). so kick back, enjoy, and have a spare pair of underwear handy.

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happy birthday, amanda!

today is averypartofme's birthday! she is officially a cougar. roawr roawr roawr. i decided to make her a little picspam of some of the people she loves. i don't care whether or not you know her (but you should, js), wish her a HAPPY MOTHERFUCKING BIRTHDAY!. she's one of my favorites and always will be. she's adorable, gorgeous, funny, sweet, and completely ridiculous. she makes me smile on the daily, even if she rps as noah.

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requests: animated icon edition

+ 27 animated icons (various things)

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- fulfilled requests
- you can still ask for things in the request post, but i already got these done and felt like posting
- comments & credit are ♥
- if you like to download things join midnightalters and if you like tegan and sara join thecon
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i will finish those other requests before i die. thanks old laptop.

animated icon edition

[+] request up to five animated icons of whatever you like
[+] you must provide the gif. please remember, if it is a shitty gif, there's only so much i can do.
[+] on the real, i will probably make you more than 5 icons, but remember it takes a long time and i don't want to end up a homicidal maniac killing half of south florida.
[+] if it is a long gif, please make sure you tell me exactly what part you want. if you don't, i will do what feels right.